I do portrait photo shootings and I work only in photo studios. I work in photo studio in Haarlem, Den Haag or Amsterdam. I have list of those which I prefer, though we can choose any you would like to have also. I can give you a range of studios and you can choose or you can just rely on my choice.
Cost of photo studio is not included in pricing.

Photo set  - Option 1
per session: 200 euro
duration: 1 hour
number of photos: 10 high-resolution edited photos

Photo set  - Option 2
per session: 500 euro
duration: 2 hours
number of photos: 20-30 high-resolution edited photos

Photo set  - Option 3
per session: 800 euro
duration: 2+ hours
number of photos: 30-36 high-resolution edited photos
2 prints at your choice

- I don’t show not edited raw photographs and don’t give them after shooting
- I do not show preview of photographs on the screen of my camera while photo shooting
- I never publish or use any of photographs with you without your agreement on it.